Alter G Zero Gravity Treadmill invented by NASA

By: Bonita Tucker

I don’t think many of us walk into a physiotherapy appointment and start checking out the equipment, but that is exactly what I did on my first visit to Leading Edge Physiotherapy.  The Alter G Zero Gravity Treadmill, invented by NASA, really caught my eye, looking like a normal treadmill but with the lower portion enclosed with plastic and a large screen on the front, it really looked interesting.  Taylor described that is was like walking on the moon because it can remove weight from the lower body via inflation.  On my next visit Courtney Wort, my physiotherapist got me into a pair of neoprene shorts with a funky zipper at the top and I was on my way to testing out the treadmill.  While Talyor zipped me into the machine and explained how everything worked, Emily spoke of seeing patients who had been through a stroke and seeing them retraining their legs to walk, and athletes who have lower body injuries being able to train because it is possible to reduce body weight down to 20%, less impact on the joints, less pain, less chance or re-injury.

As the airbag filled up it was an unusual feeling, not bad, just unusual as the air pressure lifted me up on my toes, and as I started walking on the machine I could see how amazing this equipment really was, even the monitor was in astronaut terms, nice touch!  I was told I would feel like I am walking on the moon, and I did!  If you have a workplace injury or a non-occupational injury, this might be one piece of equipment that could really make a difference in your recovery.

A shout out to all the folks at Leading Edge Physiotherapy in  Sherwood, the clinic is spa-like and everyone was passionate about what they do and how they can help.