Safety at Home: Do you know what products are under your sink?

Blog post by Alex Bakken Do you know what is in the products in your cleaning closet? Under your sink? In your bathroom? Want to know what’s in those Tide Pods all the kids are eating these days? Many products that are bought by consumers aren’t given much thought, as Continue reading

Fun Facts: How to visualize one part per million (PPM)

What is a part per million (PPM)? Often when we are measuring workplace contaminants the limits of exposure or the reading on the device used to measure the contaminant will read in PPM – but what exactly does that mean? This TedEd video helps us visualize this idea.

Fun Facts: Why do some people have seasonal allergies?

Seasonal Allergies Asthma and allergy rates are on the rise across Canada, according to a chorus of environmental experts and advocacy groups. Mounting evidence shows that the hay-fever season now lasts up to a month longer than in the past, and parts of Canada that were once too cold for Continue reading

Bill 30 – WCB Changes

Some interesting changes are coming our way in relation to Bill 30-An Act to Protect the Health and Well-being of Working Albertans. Not only are there going to be changes to the way Occupational Health and Safety is regulated, but there will be changes to the administration of the Workers Continue reading

Bill 19 – Overview

In recent years, “gas and dash”, robberies and other violent incidents at retail fuel outlets and convenience stores have resulted in worker deaths and serious injuries. Bill 19: An Act to Protect Gas and Convenience Store Workers  has been passed to improve worker safety. The act amends the Occupational Health and Safety Continue reading

Hazards at Home – Burning Incense

Article by Bonita Tucker While I was in my tiny photography room this weekend trying to take some smoke pictures, which involve quite a few sticks of incense, I began to wonder “just what is in this incense”?  The weather was too cold to open a window so limited ventilation, Continue reading

How critical is it to wear PPE? Fentanyl Near Miss

How important is personal protective equipment? In this startling story the truth of complacency and the need protection is laid bare; Edmonton Police Services tactical officer Scott Innes was driving away from a raid at a suspected drug house when he realized something was wrong. “I started to overheat. I Continue reading

Investigations – the power of an inquisitive mind

The story of cyclops sheep may seem like a reach for investigation theory – however it is truly awe inspiring how the inquisitive and determined minds of the investigators determined what was happening in this case. Each time we enter into an investigation, whether is is following an incident, near Continue reading