Fatigue Management a Three Part Series – Fatigue Factors

Fatigue is a complex issue that put worker’s health and safety at risk.  Fatigue is caused by working long hours, working the night shift and work-related stress. Fatigue is also caused by other factors such as medical issues, family/social issues, poor diet and poor sleep quality.

Fatigue is associated with reduced alertness and drowsiness which impair our ability and willingness to perform.  Being awake for 17 hours can impair mental tasks in a similar way as having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05 percent (Fourie et al., September 2010).

Fatigue is a hazard in the workplace. 13% of all workplace injuries can be attributed to fatigue.

Fatigue is complex and has many factors that employers and employees need to start addressing together in the workplace.

Fatigue is in workplace – Let’s start talking about it.

Source: CSSE