Protecting Staff, Environment, Property & Investments

We are a Health & Safety consultancy firm specialized in developing custom strategies for our clients’ unique HSE needs. Servicing Alberta, British Columbia & Saskatchewan.

We offer several on-site services to include site inspections, hazard assessments, needs assessments and incident investigations.


We specialize in developing custom Health & Safety programs, policies, and procedures in addition to COR & SECOR support.


We can also provide our clients with Health & Safety training and custom develop training programs to meet our client’s unique needs.

A Note from the Founder of All-Safe HSE

At All-Safe Hse, we are dedicated to providing the best guidance and support to help our clients achieve safety independence.

Our team has many years experience in various industries, including Alberta Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Municipal Construction, Health Care, and more. We can confidently address your concerns and company’s needs, big or small.

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Catherine Jevic