All-Safe HSE Code of Ethics

All-Safe HSE is committed to creating a work environment which upholds the values of Integrity, Respect, Competence and Confidentiality.

All-Safe Employees are expected to behave in a way which aligns with both the letter and spirit of this Code of Ethics in all professional activities and interactions with all present or potential colleagues, suppliers, vendors and clients.


INTEGRITY is at the core of All-Safe HSE and shapes the way our business operates and provides services. We are committed to lead by example in the Health & Safety Industry through integrity-based processes, work and interactions.

We will promote and uphold the value of Health & Safety of people, property and environment above personal or professional self-interest.

  • We will assess the individual needs of all clients to provide objective and individualized services adapted to their explicit unique requirements.
  • We will not accept referral fees, kickbacks, gifts or favours from current or potential vendors, suppliers, employees or others which may impact our objectivity in providing services to our clients.
  • We will avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest.
  • We will communicate in a truthful, honest manner and will not knowingly make any false or misleading statements.

RESPECT informs the way All-Safe HSE interacts as a team and with clients, vendors, suppliers and other third-parties, and isat the root of all decisions, activities and interactions related to the company.

  • We believe a respectful environment fosters creativity and productivity.
  • We will not allow frustration or disagreement to be an excuse for disrespect and will aim to communicate in a productive and considerate manner.
  • We will consider the consequences of our actions to ourselves and others prior to making decisions.
  • We supportand welcome an inclusive and diverse workplace and clientele, which includes but is not limited to members of any sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, social and economic class, educational level, color, immigration status, sex, age, size, family status, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability.
  • We recognize that differences can be strengths and will seek to understand other viewpoints, focus on resolving issues and learn from mistakes.
  • We will conduct ourselves with professionalism, being considerate to other sand choosing our words and topics of conversation carefully.

COMPETENCE is of utmost importance to All-Safe HSE in ensuring our team provides the best service and solutions to our customers by developing and implementing the highest quality,legislatively compliant and customer applicable Health & Safety and Environmental Programs, Policies and Training Curriculums.

  • We will represent our qualifications and experience accurately and recognize our competency levels and limitations.
  • We will maintain and seek to improve our competence and technical & professional knowledge through training, continuing education and self-directed learning.
  • We will remain informed of and prioritize compliance with all relevant legislative requirements and recognized standards and practices.
  • We will be accountable to the standards and requirements set forth by legislative requirements(ie. OHS Act Section 7: Obligations of Service Providers), and professional associations to which we hold membership.

CONFIDENTIALITY and trust go hand in hand, and All-Safe HSE believes trust is essential to supporting a strong working relationship. By protecting confidentiality of our colleagues, clients and the company we build a strong foundation of trust.

  • We will protect the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information of potential, current or past employees and customers.
  • We will not disclose any information acquired through our work at All-Safe HSE unless properly authorized or legally obligated to do so.