Our On-Site Services

At All-Safe, we can provide the on-site services you need to keep your systems and programs running smoothly. We will help ensure legislative compliance and will keep the health and safety of workers as our top priority.


Site Inspection is a very important service that provides information to determine the extent and severity of hazards posed by the site. This is more extensive than a preliminary assessment as its purpose is to gather information necessary to score the site, using the Hazard Ranking System, and to determine if it presents an immediate threat requiring prompt removal. Inspections are available for offices, shops, warehouses, storage yards, and work sites.


Our Health and Safety professionals have the knowledge and competency to provide unsurpassed incident investigation. Our investigation would include both site investigation as well as employee interviews based on the directives of the company’s policies and the current legislation. This would then provide the employer with a detailed report of the assessment identifying hazards and control measure options available.

We can also provide support with reporting, action plans, and other on-site needs in the case of an OHS reportable incident.


To become legislatively compliance and to provide a safe and healthy work environment for workers companies must develop a Health and Safety Program. What where to start?

A Need Assessment will assist in the identification of requirements for your particular company as well as set a road map to completion, compliance and a safer workplace.


In Canada, all organizations are required to identify, assess and eliminate or control workplace hazards.

All-Safe HSE offers a hazard assessment process, involving all levels of an organization, that ensures that all hazards in the workplace are properly captured so that measures can be implemented to eliminate or control identified hazard