Safety at Home: Do you know what products are under your sink?

Blog post by Alex Bakken

Do you know what is in the products in your cleaning closet? Under your sink? In your bathroom?

Want to know what’s in those Tide Pods all the kids are eating these days?

Many products that are bought by consumers aren’t given much thought, as why would we be able to buy something that is potentially dangerous to the health of our children, families and pets.

Many of the products that we use have their Safety Data Sheets available on the manufacturer website to ensure we know what to do if the family pet, or our children, accidentally come into contact with or ingest these products.

With warmer weather comes the insects. This means bug killer and insect repellant. Don’t forget that not only are many of these products toxic, but many are compressed aerosols which may be flammable and explosive.

Make sure that you do not store aerosols in direct sunlight, or leave them in a hot vehicle. They can explode when heated.

Make sure that if you are going camping, do not leave your insect repellant close to the fire.

Talk to your family about the hazards of aerosol cans, and other household consumer products.

SC Johnson SDS

Proctor & Gamble SDS

Safety at Home: Do you know what products are under your sink?