MELT = Mandatory Entry Level Training

Mandatory Entry Level Training, MELT, for commercial drivers was announced July 11th, 2018 by Transportation Minister Brian Mason.  The MELT program is slated to begin in early 2019 and will affect Class 1 and Class 2 drivers.  Currently in Alberta training requirements to obtain a Class 1 or 2 driver’s Continue reading

#FindAnAED Campaign – What is it and why AED Awareness is Important

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator, it can save someone’s life who is in cardiac arrest, a situation where the heart no longer beats normally.  The AED is needed to ‘shock’ the heart into stopping momentarily so that it can start beating normally once more, and without an AED a patient may Continue reading

Worker Wellness Programs

Blog Post by Chris Neumann CRSP The inclusion of worker wellness programs is integral to safety program success and sustainability. Too often metrics focus on minimizing injury severity and hazard mitigation. What isn’t as much of a focus is worker suitability to the demands of the job, prior injuries or Continue reading

Summer Safety: Pets in hot cars

Summer has arrived with a vengeance throughout western Canada. This week, BC SPCA veterinarian and senior manager, animal health Dr. Emilia Gordon explains how quickly pets can suffer damage to their brain, internal organs and even death in as little as 10 to 20 minutes if left in a hot Continue reading

Fun Facts: What happens when you get heat stroke?

With temperatures rising the hazard of heat stroke and other heat related illnesses is being identified on work sites across Canada. Workplace plans for worker exposure and hazard control may be required, contact us for assistance. What is happening in a workers body when their internal temperature gets too high? Continue reading

Safety at Home: Poison Garden

Hopefully we have seen the last of snow, and we can get on with that favorite spring pastime of gardening.  Calm, serene, peaceful and potentially toxic. Did you know that several of the most poison plants are grown in our flower gardens as ornamental’s? Datura aka Angel’s Trumpet, Monkshood aka Continue reading

Fun Facts: Is radiation dangerous?

The quick answer is: it can be. But it has also been an incredible boon to our society through it’s use in medical imaging, sensors and other technologies. Even though we must use it carefully, we have figured out many ways to use radiation to improve the quality of life Continue reading

Respiratory Protection – What does it all mean?

Blog post by Alex Bakken Did you know that the colors on your respirator mean something? Many times I have walked around sites and noticed that workers are wearing the wrong filters/cartridges for the respiratory hazards identified for the task being done. Often times, when purchasing doesn’t know what cartridge Continue reading

Safety at Home: Do you know what products are under your sink?

Blog post by Alex Bakken Do you know what is in the products in your cleaning closet? Under your sink? In your bathroom? Want to know what’s in those Tide Pods all the kids are eating these days? Many products that are bought by consumers aren’t given much thought, as Continue reading

Fun Facts: How to visualize one part per million (PPM)

What is a part per million (PPM)? Often when we are measuring workplace contaminants the limits of exposure or the reading on the device used to measure the contaminant will read in PPM – but what exactly does that mean? This TedEd video helps us visualize this idea.