What are Joint Health and Safety Committees?
Health and Safety Representatives?

Joint work site health and safety committees (HSC) are a group of worker and employer representatives working together to identify and solve health and safety concerns at the work site. Health and safety representatives (HS representatives) also promote awareness and interest in health and safety, and take on many of the roles of the HSC.

Key Information

  • Employers with 20 or more workers at a work site are required to establish a joint
    work site health and safety committee (HSC)
  • Employers with 5 to 19 workers at a work site are required to have a health and safety representative (HS representative)
  • If the project is expected to last for fewer than 90 days, HSCs or HS representatives may not be required

More information from AB OHS.

Don’t have anyone that can fulfill this role internally?

Consider bringing a consulting safety advisor on site monthly to complete your health and safety activities;

  • create organization specific documentation,
  • manage generated safety documentation,
  • conduct HSE meetings,
  • facilitate joint health and safety committee meetings,
  • preform inspections with workers,
  • preform incident investigations, etc.

All while training your staff to complete this task moving forward. 

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Do I need a joint health and safety committee or a health and safety representative?