Investigations – The power of an inquisitive mind

The story of cyclops sheep may seem like a reach for investigation theory – however it is truly awe inspiring how the inquisitive and determined minds of the investigators determined what was happening in this case.

Each time we enter into an investigation, whether is is following an incident, near miss or hazard identification it is worth while to consider the far flung or not immediately apparent causes of such an occurrence. This case prompts thought and gives us an opportunity to pause and re-consider the ‘facts’ presented.

We use such skills when our investigations follow some of the popular models available: Taproot, SCAT, 5 Why’s etc. All-Safe staff are trained to determine not only the immediate causes of an incident but also those underlying or unexpected factors that come into play with all investigations.

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Video: TEDEd

Investigations – the power of an inquisitive mind