MELT = Mandatory Entry Level Training

Mandatory Entry Level Training, MELT, for commercial drivers was announced July 11th, 2018 by Transportation Minister Brian Mason.  The MELT program is slated to begin in early 2019 and will affect Class 1 and Class 2 drivers.  Currently in Alberta training requirements to obtain a Class 1 or 2 driver’s licence are not mandatory.

Consultation with trucking industry stakeholders will help refine the curriculum and identify any potential challenges for implementation. The government is looking at enhancing, regulating and standardizing curriculum that includes skill-based in-class, in-yard and in-vehicle training, along with an enhanced Class 1 and Class 2 knowledge and road test.

The Government of Alberta is launching consultations with Albertans and key stakeholder groups on three proposed initiatives:

  • Mandatory Entry Level Training for commercial drivers
  • Pre-entry requirements for new commercial carriers
  • Modifying the road test model for all driver’s licence classes

“Safety on Alberta roads is a top priority and a commitment of our government,” Minister Mason said in a release. “We have laid the groundwork for changes that will enhance safety and improve services for Albertans. Now we need to hear from Albertans and stakeholders about the best approach.”

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MELT = Mandatory Entry Level Training